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The resort in Tampara is a division of Rajarani. It starts operating in 2018. We have always believed in providing the greatest service to our customers, which is why we are currently regarded as one of the top resorts in Ganjam, Odisha. We have everything you need for all of your needs, whether it is the breath taking view of Tampara Lake, the renowned rooftop dining experience, the enormous swimming pool for a deep diving adventure, or the large banquet space. When you order a service from us, we’ll handle everything. Bring your family to Tampa Resort! The place to go when travelling.

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The Tampara Resort’s goal is to provide top-notch hospitality services that meet all visitor needs and expectations. Our main objective is to transform our resort into a fantastic location for interactions, business success, enjoyable gatherings, and spectacular occasions.


The Tampra Resort’s measure vision is to consistently provide the best level of service quality in order to uphold and justify the reputation we have with our clients, business partners, rivals, and the general public. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with the natural environment and suit the demands of modern society, 

we employ and continually introduce environmentally friendly technologies and procedures. Tradition is a sign of our success, but going forward, we also want to adapt to the changes that the modern world brings so that we can be more appealing to customers and partners as well as associates

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Years of Service
Sq. Meter Area
Nice Rooms
Happy Visitors
Parking Service
Free unlimited Wi-Fi.
Pet Friendly
Game Zones
Enterprise Center
coffee house
24-Hours Front Desk
Swimming Pool
Diverse Cuisine Restaurants
Roof Top Dinning Facility
Luxurious Bedrooms

How to Reach​

It is around 24 kilometres from the silk city of Berhampur and 160 km from the city of
temples Bhubaneswar.

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